Training Consulting Services

QTS also offers Training Consulting Services designed to provide a learning and development framework in line with your business strategy and to assist your companies with your human resource development in an organized and structured approach.

Our Training Consulting Services framework describes our methodology, which is broadly classified into four different stages, each with its own unique characteristics and deliverables. We add value to your business at every stage of our framework and give you the flexibility to engage us at any point.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis assesses your organizational business requirements and identifies the training required to meet the job function and business objectives. Benefits of the Training Need Analysis include a well-defined competency requirement that is matched to each job role.

Skill Audit

By applying a consulting methodology supported by a series of manual or web-based assessments and reports, we provide customized skills assessment for specific key functions and technologies for organizations. Key benefits include the ability to assess the current skills level of the staff/department, identify specific strong points and weakness of the various departments, staff and skill areas.

Customized Learning Program

While some Learning Program needs can be met using off-the-shelf training or electronic content libraries, they may lack the mission-specific contents or relevant perspective to fully support your organization’s objectives. Many organizations require bespoke Learning Programs, with a multiple delivery methods that are specifically tailored to address their unique objectives and business needs.

Managed Development

Post-training assessment refers to the development of an assessment test for students who have completed the training. The results of the assessment will reflect the key learning the student has gained from the training.

Monitoring support provide level 3 and 4 evaluation to measure the extent of knowledge that the student applied on the job and also the return on investment on the business.​


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